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✓ You.
✓ Your Family.
✓ Your Home.
✓ Documents.
✓ Supplies.

✓ Ready.

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Welcome to Prepare Protect Recover, where it's our mission to get you ready.

We are here to get you, your home, and your family prepared, supplied, and organised.

So you can be calm and coordinated in any situation, from minor hiccups to major disasters.

That’s peace of mind.



Whenever It Happens.
Wherever you are.

You will have a plan.

We create a customised emergency plan for you that will give you certainty no matter when or where a disaster strikes.

It can happen. It will happen. It is out of your control. And it will be confusing and frightening, especially for those who rely on you to keep them safe.

In such a situation, having a plan, having all your bases covered, will make all the difference to you and to your loved ones.


Escape plan


Safe at Home!

We make sure your home is your safe haven, where you can safely ride out a disaster with everything you need right where you need it.

  • map of safe places and escape routes
  • secure the content of your home to prevent injury and loss of possessions
    (shelves, cabinets, pictures, mirrors, lights, appliances)
  • control chemical hazards
    (even harmless household items can be dangerous when mixed and stored wrong)
  • prevent potential damage from water, gas, or electricity.
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Emergency Supplies & Equipment

We Think Outside the Bag!

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Important Documents and Information at Your Fingertips

Being ready also means having access to all important documents and information, such as:

  • identity (birth certificates, social security, passports)
  • property (deeds and titles, mortgages, insurance)
  • financial affairs (accounts, savings, investments, pensions)
  • medical (insurance, medications)
Close up of hand signing a Last Will and Testament document
Passport, fingerprint card, driver's license, social security card and birth certificate isolated on white

Someone to Help Your Loved Ones When You Can't

Any natural disaster of any magnitude can



What is happening? Where is everybody?
Are they safe? What do I do now?

A natural disaster and even any short-term disruption to your normal life (think, power cuts, flooding, nearby fires) can be overwhelming. There is a lot to think about, a lot of decisions to be made.

Let us help you be ready.

We give you all the information, we secure your home, we secure your identity and documents, we sort out all the arrangements, we make an individualized plan, we organize all the tools, supplies, and training...

In short, we give you peace of mind.


... so you can focus on your loved ones in any emergency.


... know what to do to gather your loved ones and get through with all the tools and supplies, help from the outside, as well as all the information and documentation you need.


... get yourself and your family back on track. We give you a one-stop triple-encrypted access solution to all your data and documents, even when you've lost all your devices and passwords.

We use training, curated information, and best practices from...