We've gathered lists of various supplies needed for the various packs and kits. Simply follow the links below.


Unless you want to have to walk home through this (see picture to the right from the Northridge Earthquake), or sit out the aftermath of a disaster in whatever you were wearing (or not wearing) when it struck, you will want at least some basic items ready wherever you are. Think hiking home in your tailored, tight-fitting suit, or skirt, your Uggs or flip-flops.

We have recommended items for shoes, pants, shirts, hats.



Even a minor earthquake can disrupt power supplies for large areas. Your refrigerated food will quickly expire. You've been meaning to do another Costco run, but now your pantry is empty.

Yet you don't have to go out there and join the angry masses in search for open stores if you have some long-lasting food in your emergency kit. And these meals can be pretty tasty, too!

We also list some emergency food bars for your car kit, office kit, and go bags. Some food under the bed might also be a good idea.

Check out the food options