Food – from Full Meals to Ration Bars: keep yourself fed in any situation.

Food for energy, food for comfort – you will need both for yourself and your family. And you'll want lots of it. Stock well – there are many situations in which you will be glad you did. These food last a long time, so the investment is worthwhile.

YOU WILL WANT TO FEED YOUR FAMILY FOR 7 DAYS MINIMUM, and have some to spare to help hungry neighbors, family, or friends. It's better to be able to offer food than to have to fight over it. You'll be making friends and allies during a crisis, and for life!


Complete Meals

A list of long-lasting meal options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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Rations - Emergency Food Bars

For your car kits, go-bags, under-bed kits. Compact and long lasting calories to get you home, or to wherever you're going.

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